In October next year, Egypt will host the largest international industrial exhibition organized by a Russian company under the title Big Industrial Week, the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry said.

The exhibition will be sponsored by Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade. There, 100 major international companies from Russia, Germany, Italy, South Korea, China and Japan will showcase their latest products and industrial innovations, Minister Amr Nassar stated on Tuesday.

He stressed that the exhibition will give impetus to industrial and technological cooperation between Egypt and Russia during the next stage, especially in light of the present political momentum in the relations between the two countries.

Nassar pointed out that the representatives of the company organizing the exhibition visited Egypt last October. Then, a series of meetings were held with various stakeholders from ministries of trade and industry, transport, electricity, the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Egyptian Industries to prepare for the exhibition.

The exhibition will be held on an area of ​​10,000 square meters and is expected to receive about 20,000 visitors from various businesses in the industrial sector from all over the world, he explained.

The exhibition will include the sectors of engineering industries, electronic services, energy systems and technology, equipment and construction machinery, nuclear power, metal formation, transport and mining, he pointed out.

The Minister of Industry and Trade stated this in the extended deliberations with the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Denis Manturov, during his visit to Moscow to sign the framework document for free trade agreement negotiations with Eurasian countries.

For his part, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Dennis Manturov stressed the deep-rooted and strategic Egyptian-Russian relations, which are characterized by consensus and cooperation at all levels, especially political and economic.

Signing the agreement to establish, manage and operate the Russian industrial zone in Egypt and launching negotiations on free trade agreement between Egypt and the Eurasian Union are the two main pillars in enhancing and deepening the economic cooperation between the two countries during the next stage, he said.

The selection of Egypt to hold an international industrial exhibition involving the largest Russian industrial companies reflects the desire of Russian companies to cooperate with their Egyptian counterparts in sharing expertise and technology in areas where Russian industries excel, "especially in the fields of transport, iron and steel, civil aviation, petroleum, gas and petrochemicals, information technology, as well as the construction of silos and storage warehouses."